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China Factory - Yaga Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Low Cost, Good Quality

Yaga Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a high-volume machine processing plant, established as the factory to specialize in the machinings solely owned by OSAKA STAINLESS. To satisfy high-volume demands from international customers as well as Japanese domestic customers, the aim of the plant is to reduce processing costs, while maintaining quality control standards by supplying all materials from Japan. The plant operates under a system designed to respond to any form of customer demand.
Needless to say, inspections are conducted prior to shipping from China, and it is not until a strict final-stage inspection is carried out in Japan that a high-quality product is delivered direct to your door.

  Yaga Products Co., Ltd.


Machine tools

NC lathes 3 units
Thread rolling machines 2 units
Chamfering machines 8 units
Drill presses 7 units
Wire cutting machine 1 unit
Dischargers 2 units
Band saw 1 unit
Circular saw 1 unit
Milling machines 2 units
Machining center 1 unit
Ultrasonic cleaning machines 2 units
Barrel polishing apparatus 1 unit
CNS coordinate measuring machine  

Inspection facilities

Two-dimensional measuring machine  
Three-dimensional micrometer  
Bar gauge  
Ring gage  

Flow diagram from Japan to China Factory

Flow diagram from Japan to China Factory

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Business hours: 8:30 to 17:30
(closed on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays)

TEL: +81-6-6586-5757

FAX: +81-6-6586-5758

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