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Inspection facilities and other equipment

Inspection facilities

Content Analyzer
(energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometer)

Analysis via semiconductors requires an ultra-low-temperature operating environment. For this reason, liquid nitrogen is used to create an environment that is -196ºC, allowing analysis to be performed with even greater accuracy.

CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine
Mitsutoyo Crysta-Apex C

Measurements of greater severity can be accomplished owing to the machine's ability to simultaneously gauge the three distances (lengths) of the width, depth and height.
Dimensions: Width 500mm x Length 700mm x Height 400mm
Tolerance (Unit):1/1000

Surftest / Contracer Combination Unit
Mitsutoyo Formtracer

Discrepancies that occur with a lever type detector, caused by arc distortion or curvature of the needle tip, are corrected with software. With this, it is possible to conduct highly accurate profile measurements across the entire measuring range (50mm).
By interchanging the sensor, this device can perform analysis of surface roughness parameters, and also of surface waviness parameters, in correspondence with JIS, DIN, ISO and other standards. In addition, the device is equipped to perform graphical analysis such as amplitude spectrum diagrams, inclination distribution diagrams and relative load curves.

Profile Projectors
Nikon V-12B

Projectors are used to accurately magnify samples (10x, 20x, 50x) as enlargements onto a screen. Used in combination with a precision stage data processing unit (E-Max), profiles and dimensions can be observed and measured.

Rockwell Hardness Tester
Akashi AR-10

Tests to determine the hardness of steel can be carried out through the use of a diamond indenter and two types of steel-ball indenters.

Other equipment

Automated Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
Alex AWM - 4US3TR

Four drums are operated automatically.
1. Ultrasonic cleaning
2. Ultrasonic rinsing
3. Ultrasonic rinsing
4. Hot air drying
With its ultrasonic washing and rinse drums, the machine can thoroughly degrease products.

Laser Marking Machine
Commax YAG-5W

Within a marking range of 100mm x 100mm, your intended logo or image created in specific file formats can be marked on Metals and plastic or resin surfaces.

Precision measuring facilities
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