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Machine processing

Products made from the heart

Our Precision Processing Group accepts requests for all kinds of metal processings.
Its principal areas of expertise are machining (NC and MC multi-purpose lathe), hot and warm forging, cold forging, laser processing, BTA processing and ring forging, while it also handles all types of the processing of components.
The Precision Processing Group also works with a wide range of material grades, to include SS400 (common steel), Structural Steel, all varieties of Stainless Steel, High-Nickel Alloys, Aluminum, Titanium and Brass. OSAKA STAINLESS prides itself, in particular, on the quality, price and turnaround time of its High-Nickel Alloy processing.
In addition, we keep stock of Hastelloy nuts and washers.

Meeting your needs with superior quality

Precision processing - OS Works (OSC Group Factory)

The bulk of processing in Japan is carried out in partnership, OS Works. Requests that involve small lots, short lead times and difficult-to-machine products are handled at OS Works. All processing that requires machine tools unavailable at OS Works is outsourced to external subcontractors.

OS Works More Information  Sample of processed parts 

Mass production - China factory

Products that require mass-production are produced at OSAKA STAINLESS's first solely-owned plant, in China. We welcome requests for large-batch production.

China Factory More Information

Superior quality - Inspection facilities at OSAKA STAINLESS

In order to manufacture products to your specifications, Osaka Stainless is equipped with a variety of inspection machines and precision measuring instruments. Following a rigorous inspection of our finished products, we deliver products of superior quality.

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Flow until precision processing

Flow until precision processing

Even for one-piece orders, we can produce and deliver to anywhere in Japan or around the world. All inquiries are welcome.

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Business hours: 8:30 to 17:30
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