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Steel Sales

Large variety of material grades available

Osaka Stainless takes pride in being able to rapidly deliver any type of material. From High-Nickel Alloys, Stainless Steel and Structural Steel, Osaka Stainless boasts a vast stock, more than 20 cutting machines and fast delivery to anywhere in Japan or around the world.
Deliveries will come from our own stock, and any products not in our inventory will be sourced through our network of domestic and foreign manufacturers, trading companies and stockist.

Osaka Stainless stocks High-Nickel Alloys used in ciritcal areas. Needless to say, we keep an inventory of individual heat numbers and control the materials remaining after cutting, also implementing rigorous warehouse control, which includes the management of a storage and retrieval log.
Should circumstances require, we can trace back the details of any job. For your peace of mind, we have implemented a system in which same-day inspection can be conducted with our in-house component analyzers, hardness testers and CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine.

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Kawaguchi Material Center/Cutting Center
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