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Our Strength

Fast Response, Short Lead Times

Fast Response, Short Lead Times
Fast Response & Shipping Time
Most in-stock items and small-batch orders ship within 24 hours of ordering; however, some orders may take up to 48 hours to process. For fast completion on small-batch orders, we have 22 cutters ready to meet the demands of rapid production.

Estimated Time until Completion:
φ2mm-20mm 1-20pcs Next Day
φ22mm-80mm 1-10pcs Next Day
φ85-150mm 1-5pcs Next Day
φ150-200mm 1-3pcs Next Day
Small quantity orders can be shipped the same day.
Standard-Length Items: In-stock items Same Day or Next Day completion.
Larger custom orders are available for shipment with an exceptionally fast processing time.

For example, if you order the following items
Dia. 250mm x 61mm 2pcs
Dia. 230mm x 49mm 51pcs
Dia. 180mm x 24mm 94pcs
Dia. 160mm x 21mm 44pcs
we can complete your order within only 8 working days.
Please note that the shipping might be delayed if we receive many orders on one day. You will be alerted in either instance and will be provided an approximate date of shipment. Rest assured that any shipping delay will be communicated to you at the time of your order.

Wide Selection & No Minimum Order

Wide Selection & No Minimum Order
Large varieties and quantities of material grades and sizes available.
  • -We specialize in small orders. Our customers can start with ordering small quantities without any Minimum Order Quantity requirement.
  • -Much of our stock is difficult to find in material grade, form or sizes in Europe and USA.
Nickel Alloy and Special Stainless Steel Hexagon Bars in Metric Sizes
Nickel Alloy Bars in Small Diameters from 1.2mm.
Nickel Alloy Bars in Large Diameter up to 300mm.
Comprehensive range of ALLOY B2 and Alloy601 Round Bar Stock

Precision Cutting for Maximum Cost Efficiency

Fast Response, Short Lead Times
Careful treatment and maintenance of our equipment allows for further enhanced accuracy and precision.
  • -Our standard cutting tolerances are +/-0.5mm.
  • -Precision cutting:
    Many European and USA suppliers will often supply the cut material in noticeably longer or inconsistent length which requires  extra time in machining process.
    Our company supplies the cut material in tight and consistent tolerance which will greatly reduce the burden of post-machining.
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